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ND-7″ MAX (7″ blade incl.) 120V 60HZ

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EAN-13 – 8413797459869
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The RUBI ND-7 IN MAX tile saw is a portable tabletop cutter, especially recommended for renovating interiors (bathrooms and kitchens). It is suitable for professional cutting of glazed tile (flooring) and decorative tiles (wall tiles). Still, It can also be recommended for the occasional cutting of porcelain tiles or other materials (natural stone or sintered stone).

The motor of the ND-7 IN MAX is 6.5 A, with direct transmission and a safety thermal protector, which automatically blocks the use of the cutter in case of overstraining (overheating), protecting the motor from possible irreversible damage.

The ND-7 IN MAX has a machined aluminum table with one folding side for miter cutting at 22.5º and 45º. The table also has a perimeter settling system that collects a large part of the used water and returns it to the tank. Integrated into the chassis, thus achieving a cleaner work environment and better water use, considerably reducing the number of refills needed for the tank.

The ND-7 IN MAX cutting table has an extruded aluminum fence, which is easily adjusted and locked with maximum safety, guaranteeing a large and resistant support surface and precise, repetitive cuts.

The chassis has an integrated handle that makes it easy to transport the ND-7IN MAX.

The cutter includes a 7″ inche blade for general cutting of all types of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, and stone. The blade is cooled by direct immersion in the water in the integrated tank.

Thanks to the extendable side that incorporates the ND-7 “MAX, the maximum cutting capacity is 24″ x 20” (or a 12×12 “diagonal format). The ND-7IN MAX can cut pieces with a maximum thickness of 1-1 / 4 “(3/4” for miter cuts).

The ND-7IN MAX includes a tubular reinforced frame and non-slip rubber feet for greater stability while cutting.