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ND-7″ READY (7″ blade incl.) 120V 60HZ

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EAN-13 – 8413797459852
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The ND-7″ READY electric cutter, by RUBI, is a portable desktop cutter. Perfect for professional cutting of glazed stoneware tiles (flooring) and tiles (wall tiles). It is also suitable for the occasional cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles.

The ND-7 “READY has a 4.8 A motor equipped with a thermal protector and includes, as standard, a 7” blade for cutting all types of ceramic tiles and has a transparent plastic splash guard that increases visibility while cutting.

The cutting table of the ND-7 “READY is made of stainless steel and has a folding side that will facilitate the execution of miter cuts, on-site, at both 22.5º and 45º.

The side fence of the ND-7 “READY is made of aluminum and adjusts securely to ensure maximum support and makes it easy to measure repetitive cuts. The side fence also includes a sliding guide for angular cuts from 0º to 45º.

The cutting capacity of the ND-7 “READY is 20” for straight cutting, or what is the same, for formats up to 12 “x12” diagonal cutting and a maximum thickness of 1 1/4 “( 3/4 “for miter cuts).

In the ND-7 “READY, the cooling of the diamond blade is carried out by direct immersion in the water tank integrated into the cutter chassis itself.

The base of the ND-7 “READY has a tubular reinforcement and non-slip rubber feet to offer the user maximum stability while cutting.