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Side stops for electric cutters

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The 50 cm side stop (54822) facilitates the placement of the ceramic, while reducing the error rate.

This accessory is compatible with the DC / DS and DX electric cutter models (versions after 2013).

The adjustable longitudinal side stop (54844) is special for fixing large-format parts. Adjustable to the maximum length of the electric cutter. The adjustable longitudinal side stop laterally blocks (max: 52 cm) the ceramic tile, thus avoiding any movement. Especially indicated for blocking and execution of repetitive miter. Accessory adaptable to electric cutter models DV / DC / DS and DX.

The side stop of 121 cm in length (54994), is ideal for longitudinal blocking of large format pieces. Maximum lateral blocking: 41 cm. Exclusive for the DV-200 1000 model

The side stop for baseboards (51910) is specially designed to facilitate the 45º machining of the upper top of pieces for skirting boards. Millimeter adjustment to guarantee the parallelism of the cut. Accessory adaptable to electric cutter models DV / DC / DS and DX.

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Adjustable Length Lateral Stop DC/DS/DX, Lateral Stop for DC/DS/DX


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