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Type BM40 Tape Measures

Type BM40 Tape Measures
  • Double-sided scale for optimum readability. Shock-absorbent STABILA soft grip casing for excellent impact resistance. Extremely hard-wearing polyester blade coating for protecting the scale. STABILA Spikes hook for excellent protection against slipping.
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Extreme robustness combined with optimum readability


As a professional tradesman you can’t go wrong with the BM 40 with its double-sided scale for optimum readability. This is a solid heavy-duty tape measure with a hard-wearing blade surface to prolong its working life. The STABILA spikes hook can securely hold without slipping on building materials. And with the choice of various blade lengths, up to 10 meters, you can find the right version for your measuring needs.


  • Tough housing with soft grip rubber contact points.
  • Double-sided scale for optimum readability.
  • High-quality polyester coating provides the scale with optimum protection against wear.
  • Tape hook with STABILA Spikes coating to help prevent slipping off of the work.
  • Powerful and durable blade rewind mechanism .
  • Special blade return bumper – to soften the blade stop.
  • Adjustable hook at the beginning of the blade for accurate measurements.
  • Additional strengthening of the start of the blade with a metal plate.
  • Excellent feel in the hand thanks to the ergonomic housing design.
  • Complies with the European MID Directive.
  • With CE and metrology marking and EC Type Examination Certificate.
  • Accuracy class II.

Technical data

Type of scale: Two-sided
Accuracy class: EC Class II
Design approval: Yes

Additional information

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