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    Customer fails to pay any balances due ICASA USA COMMERCE LLC which requires ICASA USA COMMERCE LLC to engage in suit or the collection of your debt, you shall be liable for all costs incurred including but not limited to court costs, lien costs and reasonable attorneys fees. We reserve the right to file statutory notices and customer agrees to provide Project Information sheets as requested. We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement at any time as it relates to future purchases without prejudice to the obligation to pay for existing prior balances. You agree that we may establish a credit limit for your convenience and that we may change your credit limit based on our evaluation of your credit capacity and your performance under this Agreement. In that regard you herein authorize ICASA USA COMMERCE LLC to make periodic inquiry to any credit reporting agency as to your credit worthiness and rating. We may assess a late charge on the unpaid portion of the account balance that is past due; the late charge shall be stated on the invoice and may be revised based upon the highest applicable rate permitted by applicable law. The undersigned hereby authorizes ICASA USA COMMERCE LLC to utilize a consumer credit report on the undersigned at our discretion in connection with the extension of or for the consideration of continued business credit represented by this credit application. The Customer warrants that it will use all goods purchased under this account for business purposes and that customer is not a consumer as defined by any applicable federal or state usury law or consumer protection law. In the event, the Customer is not a corporation, LLC or LLP the principal owners will remain personally liable for any indebtedness on the account regardless of the change of business format after the establishment of this account. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as an obligation on ICASA USA COMMERCE LLC part to sell goods or extend credit to the applicant, or as an obligation to continue to sell goods or extend credit. National Waterproofing Supply records showing the account between us and applicant shall be admissible as evidence in any action or proceeding involving this Guaranty, and the records shall be prima fascia proof of the items therein set forth. THIS GUARANTY SHALL FOR ALL PURPOSES BE DEEMED TO BE MADE IN, AND SHALL BE GOVERENED BY THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA.
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    The undersigned hereby certifies that he/she has read the business account agreement and personal guaranty and that submission of this application and acceptance of the terms of the agreement are made a part hereof and are the duly authorized acts of and are binding upon the person applying for this account. The undersigned acknowledges that such application and agreement shall remain in full force and effect unless otherwise amended, rescinded or terminated by National Waterproofing Supply. THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY CONSENTS TO ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC USE OF A NON-BUSINESS CONSUMER CREDIT REPORT ON THE UNDERSIGNED IN ORDER TO FURTHER EVALUATE THE CREDITWORTHINESS OF THE UNDERSIGNED AS GUARANTOR IN CONNECTION WITH THE EXTENSION OF BUSINESS CREDIT AS CONTEMPLATED BY THIS CREDIT APPLICATION. THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY AUTHORIZES ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC TO UTILIZE A CONSUMER CREDIT REPORT ON THE UNDERSIGNED FROM TIME TO TIME IN CONNECTION WITH THE EXTENSION OR CONTINUATION OF THE BUSINESS CREDIT REPRESENTED BY THIS CREDIT APPLICATION AND HEREBY KNOWINGLY CONSENT TO THE USE OF SUCH CREDIT REPORT CONSISTENT WITH THE FEDERAL FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT AS CONTAINED IN 15USC@1681 ET SEQ. The undersigned does hereby state that the information contained in this application is true and correct for the reliance by ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC. The undersigned agrees to provide ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC with prompt written notice of any change in Customers name, address, ownership, or form of business entity. The undersigned, for and in consideration of this agreement of the extension of credit by ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC does hereby personally guarantee, unconditionally, the complete and timely payment to National Waterproofing Supply for all indebtedness which the Customer at any time hereafter owes to ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC along with interest and costs of collection, including attorney’s fees and cost to enforce this guaranty, in which suit may be brought. This is a continuing guaranty and may only be revoked or released only upon written agreement by ICASA USA COMMERCE, LLC located at 6631 NW 73rd Ct, Miami, FL 33166, USA.
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